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Freight Broker Agent Program

KTL freight brokerage is reducing the barrier to entry involved with starting your own freight brokerage. As a Freight Broker Agent with KTL, you don’t have to worry about any overhead! Just bring your book of business and we’ll take care of the rest. Know more about how our program works!

Freight Agents

The benefits of working with KTL.

With state of the art and web-based TMS, quick online carrier on-boarding, and free MacroPoint, your freight broker agent will always pick up on time, and we always will seek to provide you with information consisting of the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, why (regarding your shipments).

With an A+ credit history, $100k bond, and insurance requirements above industry standard, we are always ahead of the curve. As an agent with KTL, you’ll not be responsible for any customer’s bad debt. If they neglect to pay, we’ll eat the costs.

In addition, KTL doesn’t believe in non-compete contracts, so if your customers will always remain your customers!


   Highest Compensation

KTL pays high % commission! your profits are yours to keep. Earn what your worth and don’t pay a dime in added fees!

Work From Home

At KTL Service, we place a high value on technology. Independent agents operating under our authority receive the best in industry technology so that they can optimize their systems. KTL provides a highly advanced and web-based TMS, featuring integrated Truckstop & DAT. Agent’s will also receive unlimited MacroPoint tracking and RateView inclusive with our program too!

Be Your Own Boss

 At KTL, our independent agents are given the freedom and responsibility to operate their business however they like. Our team is always available to assist in any way we can, but there’s no micromanagement here!

No Non-Compete Contract

 We at KTL believe that you as an independent agent should remain in control of your customers for we know how hard you work to acquire and service them. It is for that reason that KTL does not require agents to sign any agreement binding their customers to our brokerage!

freight agent

How you’ll be supported.

Whether you are looking to grow your current book of business, or are determined to start your own agency, we have the right opportunities for you. Eagle Express provides all software, platforms, support, and back-end office administration. We take away all time-consuming tasks that eat up valuable hours of your day, so you can focus on the things that matter most: customer acquisition, great service, and driving revenue.

  • Web-based Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Load Board Integration

  • Customer/Carrier Credit Checks

  • Freight Factoring

  • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

  • Payroll Administration

  • Broker Authority

  • $75K Surety Bond/Insurance (General, Auto, and Cargo)

Broker Agent

Running a freight brokerage business is very hard job because it
generally needs you to do non-revenue generating work. We can help you gain
extra time to focus on your customers and produce more revenue, by taking care
of everything else.

KTL transportation & logistics is one of the quickest growing
networks of freight broker agents and sales. We are presently looking for
flatbed, van, and broker freight transportation agents in important areas to
support our rising network.

Your primary role as an independent freight agent will be to build strong
relationships with contracts carriers and shippers and arrange freight
transportation services.

You will be liable for sourcing contracts, scheduling freight,
negotiating rates, and solving issues effectively and quickly. Your capability
to find creative solutions, negotiate deals and manage regular challenges means
financial freedom and a life well-lived.

With your experience and knowledge of the transportation brokerage
industry, and our latest technology and business office support, you will be on
your way to financial security and independence. Join KTL team and we will help
you grow your business.

Accelerate success

We are a relationship-driven firm that targets on the success of our independent
freight agents. Our leadership team is very responsive and supportive and works
diligently to help you succeed, providing you with the focus your business

Our status for success and sound financial strength combined with our
devotion to service and continues improvement, has cultivated a special company
culture that gives the chance for unlimited earning potential.

Why should I consider joining Freight Broker Agent Program with KTL?

By joining our freight agent network program,
you will have access to subject matter professionals and operations support in
modes including Expedited, LTL, intermodal, international, and more to
completely service your customers regardless of your present experience level.

Perhaps one of the most amazing things
is that we provide a number of networking opportunities through office visits,
web calls, conference, and other programs, permitting you to connect with your
Agent Support and other well-known agents.

I have access to technology to grow my business?

Yes, KTL is dedicated to developing
and offering technology that serves our carriers, customers, team members, and
authorized agents. You will have access to technology such as our proprietary
CRM, pricing tools, portal, and Banyan to increase your transparency and
efficiency for your customers.

will KTL freight broker agent program help you grow your business?

All accessible modes: van, flatbed, temperature-controlled
vans, LTL, barge and specialized equipment.

Superior LTL service and price

Tier-1 support

Best and top-class transportation management

Free access to third party tools to grow your
business and many more

Carrier management and claims processing

Experienced and specialized accounting staff

Best of all, our providers you with
all the support, tools, and resources you need to build a profitable business
and the long-term partnership you have forever wanted.

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