KTL Freight Services

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With our interconnection country wide network of carrier partners, we can offer capacity opportunities and transportation brokerage solutions when our customers need them the most. Our freight services span every choice accessible under multimodal shipping and transportation services, including fragile shipments, risky materials, medical transports, cold freight and more. Whether you would love help with a special shipment or are looking to well-known and strong partnerships for transportation brokerage solutions, we are here to help.







Delivering confidence worldwide.

Transportation modes we cover

·         Truckload

·         Air freight

·         Less-than truckload (LTL)

·         Intermodal

·         Flatbed

·         Oversized freight


·         Drayage

For shippers: Get the edge when it comes to Freight broker services

Shippers can also amazingly advantage from services that are accessible through our modern logistics broker service packages. Services contain famous choices such as:

Dedicated concierge: Get custom turnkey services designed mainly to meet your special and needs.

Best capacity: Rest assured, you will forever have the perfect capacity to meet any situation or need, regardless of present market trends.

Trust and assurance: With our firm as a partner, you have access to years of professional guidance and experience, as well as the assurance that comes only from working with the well-known.

Visibility: Keep up to date with the new innovations and trends via a dedicated team of logistics brokers who are working to optimize adaptability and visibility within your network.

For carriers: Get digital freight brokerage solutions

Our digital freight services/brokerage solutions are unlike anything else accessible and for those carriers expert in LTL loads and truckloads, our services can indeed be game-changing.

More choice, more opportunities

With ready access to a big range of capacity choices, it is easier to take benefit of every opportunity accessible to increase profits and grow your company.

Quick support

Experience the power of 24/7 on demand access to an experienced and trained support team. They can help you and your customers rest easier during transportation and shipping.

Competitive fair-pricing

Partnering with a committed freight broker provider can help make sure you get the top rates and prices, so you can increase your bottom line ROI.

Simple booking and payment

Rather than wasting time with payments, invoices, and emails, target on the things that matter while we handle the paperwork for you.

Is KTL freight services are the best freight brokerage for you?

If you do not want to hesitate about whether your logistics provider will be around tomorrow, partnering with KTL transportation services can put your mind at ease. The finest services accessible from a 3PL brokerage firm such as KTL freight services/brokerage can grow and scale to meet the demands and needs of the business and the market.

What benefits do I get working with a Digital Freight broker?

A host of advantages become accessible to carrier and shippers who work with a digital freight broker expert:

  • Better communication
  • Better customer service
  • Quicker resolution to problems
  • On-demand data access
  • Better adaptability
  • Excellent overall organization
  • Improved collaboration opportunities
  • Reduced expenses and fees
  • Less missed capacity